A Ghost That Will Always Scare in Story Of Red Dream Theater

When it comes to the world of football, when? No matter where you talk, the history of the “Dream Theater” and the Red Ghost cannot be left out.

Because the story of the Dream Theater and the Red Ghost is heartbreaking; Pain and bitterness. Because it is full of beautiful dances.

Football has a time limit.There are rules.Under his terms, there is a chance to win and lose, and there is a tie.The time limit is limited to 90 minutes, but overtime is limited to 90 minutes of wasted time competing.

It’s a game with so many rules. When it comes to overtime in football, the word “three minutes United” comes to mind.The first thing you see in your eyes when you hear the words “Three Minutes United” is a Scottish coach with blood on his white skin and a PK-chewing mouth.

“I don’t know what to do if he screams outside in a fit of rage. “I’m just trying to keep my shoes on the pitch,” said United captain Ryan Giggs in an interview.

Football is so exciting, isn’t it? Sometimes you lose to a team you really think you can beat.

What you think is a tough competitor can sometimes be easy.But I think it’s hard to deny that there was a man who could have judged a football game many times off the field.

He is a historical figure in English football. Scotland’s Pride Red Hearts “Sir Alex Ferguson” is the father of Old Trafford.

I’m not wrong if he was born for a football team.He spent many days and nights of his life with United, so Ferguson is everything to United.

(Please note that this is not a special article, as it will cover a separate article about his playing career.)

He spent the rest of his life with United in the early hours of the morning, from Sir Alex Ferguson to Sir Alex Ferguson. Still logging in.

There were successes when he led the team. There were failures.”But he has stood by his team with a good and bad life.

“Hey Ferguson!” Everyone who loves football is a great coach. Stubborn old man. The father of the Red Ghosts. He was so special that he was recognized as a historical figure in the world of football.

But he was also a human being, so he made mistakes. I was his best friend. If I had the chance to be a family member, I would have said empathetically, “You are in big trouble.”

He joined United in 1986 and took over in 2013, but his heart is still with United.He also smiles when the team wins.When the team was weak, everyone could see that he was getting older.

The Red Devils’ president is now close to 80, but his obsession with Old Trafford and United is unlikely to diminish in the slightest.

Ferguson was sitting alone in the stands, cheering, even as the world was left without fans on the pitch due to the 1919 epidemic.He was so obsessed with it.As I watched United play, I watched carefully as the cameraman showed the Ferguson.If I don’t see him, I automatically wonder if he is OK.

Is it because of my obsession with him and United?I think about these things. I was writing on a cold winter night in late December. The reason for writing is 1941. December I remember Sir Alex Ferguson coming to the world for the Red Devils on the 31st.I Wrote For His Birthday.

Some may be rude in some respects.Even if Sir Alex had left the human world, he would still be driving the Red Devils on the pitch.

Even without him, the future Red Devils will lose the desire to win on the field. When weaknesses arise, it is certain that his image and influence will continue to haunt him and push him to success.

“So he is a ghost that will always haunt the dream theater.”

John Htet

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