Manchester United could lose Pogba and Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandez is ready to sign a new contract with the club, but conditions remain. United are currently experiencing instability and could face a crisis due to the transfer window. According to the Mirror Bruno has no plans to sign a new contract with United as Pogba has not yet to sign a contract.

According to The Sun, Portugal international has vowed to sign a new contract immediately if Pogba remains at the club.

The situation between Pogba and United is still volatile due to his agent Mino Roy O’Leary. In December, Roy O’Leary told Pogba that his time at Old Trafford was coming to an end.

But a few months later, the midfielder became one of United’s key players and has impressed for the current club.

According to reports, Pogba’s current contract expires in June 2022, so if United do not want to let him go, they will have to sell this summer or sign a new contract. The last thing United can do is keep Pogba at the club until the end of his contract and he could be released next year. Reports have suggested that Fernandez is closely monitoring Pogba’s situation as they play together.

United are set to extend Fernandez’s contract with a number of salaries, but Fernandez is monitoring Pogba’s contract situation to challenge for the Premier League next season. Earlier reports suggested Fernandes was keen to see the club move in the summer before deciding his future at the club.

Fernandez has become an integral part of the club since arriving in Manchester in January 2020. He has scored 16 goals in 32 appearances this season, scoring 11 goals. Coach Olivier Giroud wants to keep the player at the club for the foreseeable future. In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Pogba revealed that he is happy at the club.

“I am happy,” said Pogba. I’m definitely happy. We are coming. “We are very close (to win trophies) in the Europa League and we are close to winning the Premier League from City.”

So while Pogba is happy at the club, this is the best time to extend his contract. Bobby’s agent, Ryan Ola, has demanded ပေါင် 500,000-a-week for Pogba and insists he will continue to negotiate with Real Madrid if that does not happen.

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